How to Set Up a WordPress Site on DreamHost

How to Setup a Wordpress Site on DreamHost?

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First, you will need to sign up for hosting and transfer your existing domain (if you have one).

I highly recommend DreamHost for hosting. It is very affordable and I use it to host many of my websites including With DreamHost you can easily setup a WordPress website in minutes.  They are located in the USA and have great customer support. Learn more about DreamHost and to compare to Bluehost in my Bluehost vs DreamHost for WordPress Hosting post. 

Step 1: Click this link then click on the ‘WordPress Hosting” button:

How to Setup a WordPress Site on DreamHost

Step 2: Choose a plan

Wordpress Plans on DreamHost

You will need to toggle the term buttons to pick a monthly, yearly or 3 year option. Prices are higher for shorter term plans.

If you only need one website start with the Starter plan. If you plan on creating or moving multiple websites I recommend the WordPress Unlimited Plan for a few dollars more.


Step 3: Enter your desired (free) domain name or transfer an existing domain.

Choose Domain on Dreamhost

DreamHost makes it easy to get started. If you don’t have a domain name picked out yet you can choose one later.

Registering a domain is also easy with DreamHost and the first year is free when you setup a new account. You can also transfer a domain name or use DNS to route from your current domain provider to your new website.

Step 4: Enter your payment information

Secure Checkout on DreamHost

The payment process is quick and easy and you can even use PayPal.

Step 5: After you are done with the payment process DreamHost will send you an email with login information. 

Wordpress Installation on DreamHost

Login to your DreamHost account and then click on “One Click Installs” then click on “Learn More and Install

Step 6: Choose Domain and Click on “Install for Me Now”

One Click WordPress Install DreamHost

Step 7: Login to your new WordPress site:

Within 15 minutes you will receive an automatic email from DreamHost with your new WordPress login information. Your login page will look like this:

Login to your new site and get started. You can pick a theme and begin your blogging journey. If you are blogging for affiliate commissions take a look at The Top 20 WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Bloggers.

Want to learn more about affiliate marketing? Go to my What is Affiliate Marketing and Why Should I Be Interested? post.

Here is the link to signup with DreamHost.

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