The Top 20 WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Bloggers

 20 Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins for Bloggers Guide

This post contains wordpress plugins affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. Thanks.

When it comes to the best blogs on WordPress Plugins are the best tools one can use and improve the quality. But ever wondered which wordpress plugins are best for you and your WordPress blog?

It is almost certain that there are a few free wordpress plugins that you might use and make blogging effective. We all know that blogs are the most popular types of websites which generate innumerable views, the quality of your blog matters a lot.

The quality of your WordPress blog can be enhanced by using some amazing wordpress plugins on your affiliate WordPress blog.

You can find both the paid wordpress plugins as well as free to use plugins, and some of them come with both free and premium options. If you have a new blog then you may not want to pay additional costs for plugins, so you can simply use free wordpress plugins and later on upgrade to premium ones.

In this article, we have listed Top 20 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Bloggers than can enhance the appearance of your WordPress blog and user experience for your readers:

1. PrettyLinks 

PrettyLinks helps affiliate bloggers to unlock and generate high revenue from the existing content. So, basically, the job of this plugin is to find a perfect place for affiliate links and then automatically place them at that place.

This plugin will save you time by inserting the correct keyword and links automatically at the right places on the blog.


  • PrettyLinks helps users to shorten affiliate links.
  • You can also track and monitor the statistics of your site.


  • There are some disadvantages to shortening links as well.
  • Redirection also comes with some technical side effects.
  • A lot of redirects lead to bad user experience.

Pricing: There are three plans on the official Site of PrettyLinks where a beginner plan costs $49 per year. This plan allows users to use PrettyLinks on one WordPress website, other features include Advanced Redirect Types, auto-create PrettyLinks and Auto Link keywords which is easy to handle by beginners.

The second plan is for Marketer where it costs $99 per year in which you can use the wordpress plugins on two websites, along with all the features of the basic plan it includes advanced-add-ons.

The third and the final plan is Super affiliate plan which will cost you $149 per year in which you can use it on up to 5 websites. Also, you will get additional priority support along with all the features of the Marketer plan.

2. OptinMonster

If you are thinking of growing your blog via collecting data and sending emails, you need a plugin that will help you to implement the same.

OptinMonster is a WordPress Plugin where you can accomplish your marketing goals and create various types of pop-ups and opt-in offers that connect you to your audience.

OptinMonster is designed for users to build their own Opt-in forms as well as marketing campaigns that will help you get more email subscribers, increase your sales, and grow your online business.


  • Opt-In forms created with OptinMonster don’t require any coding skills.
  •  You will get extensive choices for your website such as Slide-in scroll box, countdown timer, and full screen welcome mat.
  • You can easily create a friendly interface for your users.


  • As these forms do not require coding, you have limited options when it comes to customization.
  • Limited templates.


However, you can use the basic features of Optinmonster for free, but it has recurring fees as long as you need the pro version for your blog.

There are 4 different Plans that OptinMonster has to offer to the users.

  • The Basic Plan costs $9 Per Month.
  • Plus costs $19 Per Month.
  • Pro Plan costs $29 Per Month.
  • Growth costs $49 Per Month.

The basic plan includes all the essential features, including unlimited campaigns, multiple campaigns, page targets and others. This plan is limited to one site and 3,500 pageviews.

Whereas, plus plan includes all the basic plan’s features plus, A/B testing, reporting, content locking and inactivity sensor and others. This plan is limited to two sites and 15000 pageviews.

The Pro plan is a Combination of Basic as well as Plus plans in which features such as Yes/No forms, Countdown Timers, Priority Support, Smart tags etc. This plan is limited to three sites and 50,000 pageviews.

While the last one, Growth plan has all of the other plans combined and features such as On-Site retargeting, Follow-up Campaigns, real-time personalization, activity logging etc. are additional in this plan. This plan can accommodate multiple numbers of sub accounts which is the best feature of this plan. This plan is limited to five sites and 250,000 pageviews.

3. SEMRush Writing Assistant

SEM Rush Writing Assistant is one of the best plugin tools for affiliates in the market, it is a complete SEO and Marketing tool for content writers as well as affiliate bloggers.

It gives keyword suggestions based on the content of your blog, it also suggests the websites which might be good to approach for backlinks for your blogs.

The best feature is that it enables the user to start with Domain Analysis and get the best quality of Domains from an SEO point of view.

You can gain some valuable insights with the help of this tool and identify some valuable sites which might be helpful to approach for backlinks and creating good traffic to blog.

You will get the following for your content:

  1. The overall score for your website.
  2. Readability score.
  3. Target keywords.
  4. Recommended keywords.
  5. The tone of voice.
  6. Plagiarism.
  7. Linking.


  • SEMRush is easy to use, and analysis of the domain is easy as you get everything in one place.
  • High-quality user interface.
  • Data visualization is provided to understand the metrics and other important graphs.
  • It comes with multiple SEO features.
  • Free Trial is available.


  • The user account is limited to one, and if you want to add more accounts then you will have to pay extra charges for that.
  • Data collected is not very accurate or precise.


SEMRush offers three pricing plans according to the users’ needs and compatibility.

  • The Pro Plan costs $99.95 per month.
  • Guru Plan costs 199.95 per month.

If you are thinking of getting access to an exclusive version, you can go for a Business Plan which costs up to $399.95 per month.

These pricing plans basically differs on the basis of:

  • The number of reports per day.
  • The number of keywords that you can track per month.
  • Access to Content Marketing tools.
  • Access to historical data.

4. EasyAzon

Amazon offers the best affiliate marketing opportunity for bloggers in the world of affiliates. EasyAzon is a fairly simple plugin for the amazon affiliate links from within WordPress post editor.

This tool not only gives the ease of using wordpress plugins but also gives control over Amazon Affiliate Links site-wise from one place which is super easy to use.

This tool comes free along with the paid version, as the free version is limited in features, whereas the paid version has a lot to offer to the users.


  • You can directly add text affiliate links to any product on Amazon.
  • You can add image links from Amazon product images.
  • It will save you a lot of time.


  • Customer support is not there.
  • The free version has very limited features.


The EasyAzon plugin is available in two different packages differing according to your needs.

The first package is the Developer’s License and the other is the Multi-site License.

Developer’s License costs $67 per month, whereas, Multi-site license costs $47.

Along with the licence, you can access the Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Course which is beneficial for newbies in Affiliate blogging.

5. AdSanity

AdSanity offers perfect management to your Ads and helping in monetizing your WordPress Blog. This management Plugin makes you feel organized and have more control over the Ads that are displayed.

This plugin will also tell you the statistics on how Ads are performing over the site, it helps in engaging more and more audiences by offering a better user experience.

This tool helps one to create Custom post type ads and displays them on the site using Widgets or shortcode.


  • Improves user experience of your audience.
  • It helps in making your website more organised.
  • You will get advanced tools for Professional Ads creation.


  • The main issue of using AdSanity is that it is a bit overpriced.
  • As there are many users who complain of no API feature on this tool, people opt for other options instead of this tool.


AdSanity is a premium plugin for the users and you will get three packages to choose from. Here are the pricing plans:


You can choose any one plan to start and can add on other plans according to your requirements.

The Basic plan costs $49/year which gives features such as Core plugin, access to plugin updates, Access to Basic add-ons, top-notch support etc.

The All in one plan costs USD 149/year which has all features of Basic plans plus, access to pro-add-ons and access to pro-add-ons updates.

And the last plan, All In One for Living costs for USD 489 for one time and has all the features of previous plans and some additional exotic features that every marketer needs; such as, Access to pro-Add-ons and Updates with USD 203 per year value.

6. ThirstyAffiliates

The easiest way to organize and cloak the affiliate links while optimizing income is here. ThirstyAffiliates Plugin for WordPress helps to manage your links and check on the statistics, and update your site accordingly.

This plugin helps you to manage and keep all of your affiliate links at one place, i.e. your WordPress dashboard where it is easily accessible.

This tool also helps in link cloaking which means your affiliate link direction will have a neat and nicer look rather than having abstruse links on which people think twice before clicking it.

Using bare links instead of confusing ones is helpful as readers don’t hesitate to click on such links. This feature helps to prevent this kind of hesitation and helps to remove the user’s reluctance to click on the link.

Key features of this tool include:

  1. Automatic keyword linking.
  2. CSV Import/Exports
  3. Geographic redirects.
  4. Amazon API importing.


  • Unlike other affiliate link wordpress plugins, this tool (ThirstyAffiliates) doesn’t have any vague features that aren’t useful.
  • This plugin will not slow down your website compared to others.
  • It also supports backups, importing and exporting of the important documents.
  • You will get a 14 days refund guarantee.


  • There are no split testing or advanced features.
  • This tool is not for beginners.
  • Pro version is quite expensive


ThirstyAffiliates offers 3 different pricing plans. They are,

  • 1-Site License costing $49
  • 5-Site License costing $99
  • 10 Site License for $149

The best part here is that you can ask for a refund if you aren’t satisfied with this tool or its services. And can claim the refund within 14 days of purchase.

7. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator helps to fetch content from affiliate networks to the WordPress website. With the help of this tool, you can set up the pages linked to the product and create auto blogs with ease.

It is one of the most popular wordpress plugins for importing, merging and displaying RSS and Atom feeds wherever you want on your website.

Some key features of this plugin are:

  1. Importing youtube videos.
  2. RSS feed auto-discovery.
  3. Create a custom RSS feed.
  4. Customize display templates.

One can find many WordPress plugins in the repository for importing and saving feeds to the site, WP RSS Aggregator is best amongst them to use.


  • It has a very high-quality user interface.
  • It comes with five premium add-ons and two bundles that truly enhances the performance and display.
  • The General Display controls the way feed items are displayed on your site and makes it attractive.
  • It is easy to set up and run as it doesn’t take more time.


  • Due to the importing of thousands of feed sources, there is a great impact on website performance and can cause a problem to an extent to the plugin.
  • Users may need to adjust WordPress memory resources to handle simultaneous reports and imports via multi-feed resources.


As this tool is free to use but there are some add-ons which are paid and enhance the features and give you the best out of this tool. You can purchase add-ons separately, it would be beneficial if you purchase them as bundles as it will save you some money.

Here are two bundles that will be helpful for a beginner as well a professional:


Excerpts & thumbnails, categories and keyword filtering. These add-ons serve filters to your feed and are simple for a beginner to use.

Individually, you will be paying up to $30 for a single website, $60 (up to five websites), and $180 (up to twenty websites) for each add-on (buying separately).

But as a bundle, you just have to pay $70 for a single website, $140 for up to five websites, and $280 for up to twenty websites.

As you can clearly count, you are saving $20, $40, $260 easily.


Full-text RSS feeds, Feed to post and keyword filtering is included in these add-ons and if you are relying on auto blogging, you can get keyword filtering allowing filtering the content that is imported.

Again, purchasing them as a bundle may be a good option that is on a tight budget. The two auto blogging add-ons carry a price tag of $80 (for a single website), $160 (up to five websites) and $300 (up to twenty websites) each.

If you purchase these add-ons as bundles you will get these at, $150 for a single website, $300 up to five websites and $600 for up to twenty websites.

Here too, you’ll be saving money- $40, $80 and $180 respectively.

8. MonsterInsights

Analysing the site and its productivity is never easy, but with the help of this WP plugin, MonsterInsights helps to get a graph and enable links trafficking on the website without any snags.

This plugin gives you features of adding, customizing and managing Google Analytics, this tool directly helps you to bring Google site tracking to the dashboard of your WordPress. It not only makes tracking easier but also faster without any delays.

Valuable information about the visitors who visit your site is as important as putting high-quality content on the blog. This tool helps to achieve the same goal and provide important data about the visitors who visit the site.


  • It fully replaces Google Analytics with ease.
  • It’s very fast and gets you accurate data.
  • While using this tool, you can customize your tracking options and different metrics at different ranges according to your use.


  • The free version has limited features.
  •  As there is a limitation to trial, the version which is paid is still very costly and the cheapest price for (1 site) costs $199 which is too much for some affiliate bloggers.


MonsterInsights costs $399 for the Agency, $199 for Pro and $99 for the plus versions.

The basic plan provides analytics dashboard, page insights, publishers report, real-time report, scroll tracking and affiliate links tracking along with other basic features.

While the pro plan gives custom dimensions, author tracking, Google optimization, priority support and eCommerce report plus, features of the basic plan in it.

The Agency plan has a lot of options to offer along with the features of Basic, as well as Pro plan, are included. Add-ons of Premium support, client management and WordPress Multisite Support are some impressive features.

9. Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate Coupons is an amazing WordPress plugin where you can create coupons and deals on your site. This is a very easy and healthy way to promote products and services on a website and boost conversation with the help of this tool.

This plugin features an admin panel and alluring styles which is easy to use and promote your products at ease. For any serious Marketer, a coupon or big deals which are shared on a website is a big thing. This tool is well coded and is perfect to use.


  • The responsive and mobile-friendly design is one of its best features to rely upon and is advantageous to any marketer who uses a mobile phone for work.
  • The smooth experience of this tool on site is the best regardless of the devices.
  • The user interface is very nice.


  • There are some backend issues with filtering coupons and working along with it.
  • There is a limited number of templates provided and if you wish to add on your customized one, you have to pay extra charges to do so.


Affiliate Coupons is a free tool to use. But when it comes to getting premium features, you can get a paid version. All of them are listed below.

  • Personal License costs $29.00 per year and it has access to one site along with pro features and 1 year of updates and support.
  • Plus License costs $99.00 per year and it has 2 site licenses along with all features of personal license and 1 year of pro updates and support.
  • Pro License costs around $199 per year and it gives the user access to 10 site licenses and all features of above plans along with its own.

10. Affiliate WP

AffiliateWP is an easy plugin provided by WP to use and integrate with the WordPress eCommerce, form, and association wordpress plugins that not only add power but also easy working for affiliate bloggers.

This plugin helps to grow your sales with help of affiliates who promote your products and make them reach to the end-users. AffiliateWP accurately tracks referrals, helps you manage your affiliates and their work, and scales your online business.

It is packed full of features and add-ons and has additional bundles and packages for even more functionality.


  • AffiliateWP has the features of connecting affiliates and helps to scale up the blogs.
  • It is easy to install and integrate.
  • A custom affiliate dashboard for the admin is provided.
  • You can work collaboratively with others and gain profits.    


  • There is a requirement for more development of the External Referral Links along with add-ons for the product that would allow lead capture forms on a separate site.
  • This tool works with multiple traffics and redirection which is not good for any website.


AffiliateWP costs from $99.00 per year, per user. As this tool doesn’t provide a free trial, if you are interested in buying this tool for boosting your blog, you can give it a try.

11. Smush

WP Smush is honestly an amazing cloud image resizing, optimizing and compressing WordPress plugin that makes blogs look attractive. It uses the powerful servers on the background to remove bulky elements from your images and make it look more sharp and clean.

With the help of Smush tool, the image is squashed removing all superfluous data and other data which aren’t needed in the image without compromising the image quality which is to be seen in the blog.

Also, the plugin has even further features and elements to optimize images beyond your media library to retouch and smush your images to the best quality needed. You can use this tool to optimize NextGen images, Amazon S3 images and images from other themes.


  • This plugin offers unlimited image optimizations per month also it strips unnecessary information from the images.
  • In order to work with the free version, you don’t need an API key or user account, you can use it for free.


  • As the free version is limited to use, you can create and optimize 50 images and after 50 images, you have to purchase the full version of the plugin.
  • You’ll be getting advertisements frequently to upgrade the service which seems to be quite annoying.


There are two versions available of this tool. The free version has lesser features and optimization tools for small images (up to 1MB).

Whereas the paid version of this plugin tool comes loaded with many additional features and add-ons that can help you achieve the best possible performance for your blog and works.

It comes in 3 paid plans:

  1. Smush pro only: $5 per month
  2. Performance and uptime pack: $7.50 per month
  3. WPMU DEV PACK: $15.83 per month.

12. WP Forms

WordPress has a unique featured plugin WP Forms which claims to be the most beginner-friendly WordPress form builder in existence and hugely emphasizes the convenience to the beginners because it helps to build WordPress forms at ease.

With dozens of integrations along with add-ons makes the form very simple and easy to use making it beginner-friendly. There is no need to touch the code or learn coding to create this form for your use.

Without hiring a developer, you can create the form with help of this WP Plugin and make your blog interactive.


  • You get a lot of templates to choose upon and work on your form to create beginner-friendly work.
  • You can also avail more services and add-ons provided by the plugin by purchasing some bundles and making your work look more attractive and neat.


  • The simple and free version has limitations. 
  • You can create a limited number of forms.


The pricing for the basic version of this tool starts from $39.50 for a single site license along with some basic features.

The second plan is the Plus plan which costs you $99.50 per year along with all the features of a basic plan and you can work with 3 websites using this plan.

The most popular plan of WP Forms is Pro license, which gives you access to all add-ons for 5 sites and priority support for a year, which costs $199.50 per year.

The plugin also offers the users Elite plan for unlimited sites to work upon, WordPress multisite priority support and client management feature for $299.50 yearly.

13. WP Super Cache

Caching is an advanced process and we always need a plugin to make caching easier even for non-technical users. There are a lot of caching WordPress plugins, but these wordpress plugins can be extensive and need to be presented with a clear user interface and lots of explanation.

WP Super Cache does the work of simplifying the process of caching for affiliate bloggers. WP Super Cache works smoothly with CDN making it easy to work with for the beginners and learn from it.

WP Super Cache also can serve cached files using two different methods which are suitable as per needs. The default method uses PHP, which can be resource-intensive and quiet hard particularly on shared hosting environments.


  • User Interface is excellent.
  • This plugin has a lot of downloads with positive reviews.
  • While testing a website, Google recommends turn on compression. To do this, WP Super Cache does the work and makes this process easy.


  • It might slow down your website.


It’s free to use.

14. ManyContacts

Many contacts allow you to collect the information about the clients using their email information and other details which could help in lead generation.

This is called email marketing where we collect information and emails of the clients and then using that information we send them reminders about our products and latest deals.

It will hardly take 30 sec to implement this plugin to your website and then you’re ready to go. This is one of the best wordpress plugins if you want to know and store information of your clients and generate sales through this.


  • Easy installation process.
  • Use it for boosting your sales
  • All information using Email
  • Works on the shopping cart page, forms or any website.


  • Lack of advanced features and customisation
  • It has some bugs if the user enters information the 2nd time.


Price starts at 29 USD per month

15. Ajax Search Lite

Ajax Search Lite is a live search plugin curated for WordPress powered by Ajax. It seamlessly assimilates into any theme as desired, unlocking an extra layer of professionalism and neatness of the work.

With solid search features provided by this plugin tool, you can also elevate your page’s user experience, making it more comfortable to skim through and dive into.

This search plugin has tons of different features that you can use and can take to your advantage to create the most sophisticated live search function in the blog to make it attractive.


  • Ajax Search Lite ensures responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.
  • You can use the tool out of the box or you can improve it further; whatever option you choose, the outcome will benefit your website considerably.
  • One of the best features of Ajax Search Lite is eight ready-made templates.
  • WPML compatibility, over forty options in the back-end and integration with Google Analytics.


  • There is browser incompatibility with this tool along with it takes a long time to debug the site and software which increases the size of the webpage.


There is a limited free version for users who like to try upon the tool before purchasing it. Afterwards, the Pro Version is available for$36 with licensing for a year.

16. Newsletter

The newsletter is a free WordPress plugin that you can use to send as many newsletters as you want to your visitors or subscribed users.

The premium version integrates with other wordpress plugins like WooCommerce and WPForms and offers extra features and gives delivery of newsletters with ease.

This email marketing system is best for affiliates for their WP blog and they can easily create, track along with a fetch list for building the mails to the visitors of their users.

The drag and drop composer is the new feature added recently to this tool which makes it used worldwide for its performance.


  • Unlimited subscribers along with stats are provided by this WP tool makes the use of this plugin beginner-friendly.
  • There is fine control of this tool over the delivery speed of the newsletters and one can send mail every 12 hours or as per need.


  • If users need advanced statistics, they must be a part of the premium plan to make it possible.
  • Sometimes the newsletters emails are marked as spam by Yahoo and Google mail systems, so to trigger this problem; there must be a solution to it.


WP Newsletters plugin is free of cost. There are no extra charges to get the add-ons.

Elementor is important to present yourself perfectly as well as the services you provide on your blog. Elementor help to integrate drag and drop the things from documents to your site and web elements so that you can design your website visually in a minute within a few easy steps.


This plugin makes your blog look good and you can customise the links and style them, this is something a very essential tool when you are new to WordPress affiliate blogging and want to look super awesome.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Drag and Drop feature.
  • Visuals look good.


  • Some features are limited to use in the free version.
  • Some technical bugs have been reported.


This plugin is freemium like if you are using in a limited manner no extra fees required but if you want to use the theme and extra element you have to pay $49 for personal use and $99 for intermediate and business.


18.  Rank Math: 

RankMath SEO is a mainstream SEO module which is curated by WP. Nearly every individual who is into the digital marketing space and also has utilized or possibly found out about this module.

Rank Math SEO module is a brand in itself. It helps site proprietors and bloggers improve their natural web crawler results.


  • Google Schema Markup, AKA Rich Snippets, are incorporated
  • It has also Google Search bar and WordPress dashboard
  • It can help to create a table, index and other elements


  • Sometimes it fails in showing the result in the free version.
  • It claims to be real-time but it lags


This tool is free to use and has lots of features that an affiliate can use to promote their blog.

19. Link Whisper:

Internal linking is an essential positioning component when coming to marketing. On the off chance that you are doing SEO or affiliate marketing for quite a while, you’d definitely realize that internal linking is important for your files.

Internal linking makes the site more reaching and empowers easy to understand routes for bots and users.


  • Link Whisperer takes all the weight and encourages you to fabricate internal linking for your site.
  • It helps in SEO and better website ranking.
  • It makes it easier for search engines and potential customers to find your website.
  • It works and search for keywords and inserts them in the links


  • There are some delays.
  • User experience is kind of sluggish.
  • Reviews are not perfect all the time.


It depends on how many sites on which you want to integrate this tool’s pricing start from $67 and onwards.

20. Sucuri 

Sucuri reduces the risk and provides online protection for your business. Being an online advertiser, going over a digital assault and hacking might be a bad dream for one, with the Sucuri module, you can fix in a split second and secure your site at whatever point it is hacked

The module gives true serenity to associate advertisers as it has all the main encryption, calculations and services and advancements to hinder malicious substances from going into the site.


  • Advanced encryption methods
  • Boundless malware evacuation
  • It can restore the website in the worst condition


  • You will be notified with very frequent updates.
  • Sometimes it reports a false error.


It has three distinct plans specifically:

  • Basic -$199
  • Pro-$299
  • Business-$499

You can customise almost everything, and each plan has committed assistance and a 30-day unconditional moneyback promise.


Creating successful WordPress Affiliate Websites and blogs are challenging, but with these WordPress tools, you will get an extra helping hand along the way.

These wordpress plugins would help you make more sales and attract more traffic on your website. Moreover, your site will be secured and fully optimised after using all of these plugins.